10 Best Reclining Office Chairs with Footrests of 2019

Merax Portland Technical Leather Reclining Chair

Relax, Recline, and Rest!

Quality relaxation, ultimate comfort, and luxury. These are the things that you can expect by having a reclining chair. As a matter of fact, no other chair design exhibits these traits but a reclining chair, which is usually found in higher-end facilities.

Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair
Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

In terms of design, an office chair with footrest is padded generously with an adjustable headrest and footrest for complete body support and angling. Multi-functional and ergonomic, these chairs also offer a greater recline range, with the footrest providing support to the lower limbs while in a reclined position.

The following is a list of the best reclining office chairs with footrests in 2019. These chairs offer amazing ergonomic support while still allowing you to enjoy work and play.

#1. Hbada Ergonomic Recliner Chair

Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

This recliner chair uses a mesh design and a detached headrest. Using mesh has now become popular as it offers a breathable material that can keep users cool, especially during the warmer months.

This chair also features 9 height adjustment level options, which is adjustable from 40.8 inches to 44 inches. It also comes with a kinematic tilt mechanism which allows the chair to easily adapt to your body movements. The recliner can be adjusted between 90 and 150 degrees, along with an option to lock it right into place at any chosen angle.

Conclusion: As far as affordable options on an office chair with footrest is concerned, the Hbada ergonomic recliner chair is an amazing option. Even though it may lack some features offered by more expensive models, its mesh design and contoured back make it a strong candidate for a very comfortable reclining work chair.

• Affordable price
• Well-contoured features
• Ergonomic design
• Wide height adjustment range
• Upgraded seat cushion


• Mesh design not ideal for everyone
• Fixed height for armrests
• No lumber support

#2. RESPAWN-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN Reclining Ergonomic Leather Chair

RESPAWN racing style gaming chair is a budget-friendly reclining chair which is an ideal option for any office or home as it comes with several features that are typically available in more expensive options. It comes with a footrest and is available in different color patterns.

It has a headrest pillow which comes with a unique shape. It is also removable, unlike with other models which are square and fixed permanently to the chair. This chair also features a lumbar pillow, making it a premium option.

Conclusion: This gaming/reclining office chair comes with a solid built, and can easily be customized to fit many position requirements and many body types. With an extendable footrest that helps in relieving leg stress, this model is a good option that you can take into consideration.

• High overall weight capacity
• Completely adjustable backrest
• Round the clock customer service
• Highest grade materials used
• Different color patterns available

• Armrests cannot be adjusted
• The seat cannot be tilted back

#3. Merax Portland Technical Leather Big & Tall Executive Recliner Napping

Merax Portland Technical Leather Reclining Chair

This recliner napping chair from Merax features a beautiful design. It will fit perfectly any office, from the traditional ones to the more modern facilities. It features high-grade PU leather construction, which makes it appealing to the eyes and the touch. Despite sitting on this chair for several hours straight, this chair can provide the support needed.

Another interesting feature of this chair is its supportive and ergonomic cushion throughout the entire body of the chair, and not just on the lumbar area. This means that your neck, legs, and shoulders will not suffer from any ache or pain.

Conclusion: With its beautiful design, high-grade construction and adjustable comfort controls, the Merax Portland Technical Leather recliner chair is a good option to consider.

• Specialized ergonomic support
• Snug, comfortable fit
• Sleek appearance
• Heavy-duty frame
• Customized support

• Some users report this chair not being stable
• Footrests tend to get stuck at times

#4. VANBOW Big and Tall Reclining Leather Office Chair

VANBOW Reclining Leather Office Chair

This reclining office chair from VANBOW features a high back design that offers maximum support for overall convenience and comfort. It comes with waterfall seat edge and soft padding for less pressure on the back of the legs, allowing you to sit comfortably even when working several hours straight.

This office chair can be adjusted in any way to accommodate your comfort needs. It also comes with adjustable lumbar support that allows you to increase or decrease the pressure on your back. As a bonus, it uses high-end materials for maximum comfort.

If you are trapped in an office job that requires you to spend most of your day just sitting down on a chair, and have been feeling backaches recently, there is no doubt that you need a chair that is perfect for you, while being designed to adjust to your needs. This is what VANBOW high back big and tall office chair can offer you.

Conclusion: This reclining office chair is constructed using a heavy duty metal base which makes it easier to move around while keeping you steady while working. As such, this is a reliable option for your office.

• High-end material construction
• Risk-free purchase
• Solid and strong construction
• Flexible reclining angle
• Retractable footrest

• Does not have a locking swivel

#5. Duramont Reclining Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Duramont Reclining Office Chair

The high back design of this chair offers maximum lumbar support for convenience and comfort. It also features a waterfall seat edge and soft padding for less pressure on the back. This executive chair is also designed to allow you to concentrate on your work and take care of comfort.

It is also designed with longevity in mind, thanks to its solid and strong construction. It features a heavy-duty nylon base along with nylon rolling casters which make it relatively easy to move around while keeping you steady.

This office chair can also be adjusted in any way that you need so that it can meet all of your comfort needs.

Conclusion: Overall, this reclining chair speaks highly of quality and guarantee. Aside from giving you the comfort that you rightfully deserve it is also designed with the right materials for durability.

• High-end material construction
• Retractable footrest
• Flexible reclining angle


• Backrest short for taller people

#6. Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair

Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair

This reclining office chair is designed to offer comfortable lumbar support. It features an adjustable headrest that fits perfectly with the body shape while enhancing the natural curves of the spine.

It also uses a breathable mesh back that makes it cool even in the warmer months of summer, offering amazing air circulation, making it sweat-free while allowing you to sit and work comfortably even for several hours straight.

Conclusion: Overall, this is a sturdy and healthy desk chair which is made of high-end material. It is designed to last, with a capacity to provide much-needed comfort in any working environment.

• Breathable mesh desk chair
• Kinematic reclining mechanism
• Adjustable and ergonomic
• Comfortable seat cushion
• Ergonomically designed

• Some users report an issue with headrest being cheap

#7. Merax PP010071CAA Racing Style Executive PU Leather Swivel Chair

Merax PP010071CAA Reclining Office Chair

This swivel chair has been updated to feature an adjustable pivoting lumbar support for a wide variety of positions, and continuous support to meet all types of body shape. In terms of construction, this chair is made out of high-quality PU leather, high-density shaping foam, and metal frame.

This chair is also multifunction. It comes with an adjustable backrest, along with a 360-degree swivel base, safeguard tilt locking mechanism and smooth-rolling coasters that will allow you to enjoy a comfortable nap in between breaks.

Conclusion: All in all, this chair can provide you with a smooth sitting surface, along with a gentle appearance. It also comes with a reliable warranty and support offer, thus eliminating any worries related to damage.

• Adjustable backrest
• Multi-function chair
• Safeguard tilt locking mechanism
• High-quality PU leather
• Adjustable pivoting lumbar support included

• Headrest protrudes a bit

#8. HollyHOME Executive Swivel Office Chair with Footrest

HollyHOME Ergonomic Office Reclining Chair

This executive swivel office chair comes with a retractable footrest that is designed to be pulled out easily. This will allow you to relax your legs while studying or working. It also features height adjustment, along with an adjustable depth lever that is designed to provide the body with a comfortable seating experience.

The materials used in the construction of this chair is also of top quality. It uses heavy duty five-star base which comes with durable nylon, catering to the needs of individuals who require greater stability.

Conclusion: With features mentioned above, along with a 360-degree swivel and 90 – 150-degree backward movement, this chair will give you the most comfortable seating, lying down experience.

• Multi-function chair
• Adjustable depth lever
• High back mesh
• Better stability
• 250 pounds weight capacity

• Issues with wobbling

#9. New Office Gaming Chair High-Back Computer Chair

New Office Ergonomic Racing Chair

A number of interesting features are built-in to this computer chair. For one, it features a very unique appearance that makes it stand out and identifiable from the rest. It features a thickly cushioned seat, with the armrest and back that are designed ergonomically so that you will not feel tired at the end of a very long day at work.

This ergonomic chair also comes with an adjustable backrest that features a 90 degree to 150-degree safety angle. This means that you can easily read, work, play games, sleep or live your life comfortably in any way that you want.

Another feature is its high-level seating comfort, made possible by the use of high-density sponge cushion and breathable premium PU leather.

Conclusion: With the materials used in the construction of this reclining chair, along with its other ergonomic features, there is no doubt that this chair is designed to last. With its unique design, it will also be a standout addition to your office space.

• Adjustable lumbar support
• Multi-purpose reclining chair
• Solid and stable construction
• High-density shaping foam
• Flexible design

• The armrest does not move up and down

#10. Flash Furniture High Back Black Fabric Executive Reclining Swivel Office Chair

Flash Furniture Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair

This reclining swivel office chair from Flash Furniture comes with a built-in plush headrest that allows you to relax your head comfortably while working. The plush seat is also designed with a waterfall seat edge which promotes better blood flow. It also comes with armrests that are padded, perfect for providing hours of support and comfort.

Another feature offered by this model is the pneumatic adjustment lever which is designed for easy adjustment of the seat to a height desired. Its reclining back lever also allows you to lock-in to a desired position and experience maximum comfort.

Conclusion: This chair also comes with a slide-out footrest that will keep your feet elevated. Overall, this additional feature makes this chair an interesting option to add to your workspace.

• Footrest comes with a push button
• Pneumatic adjustment lever
• Built-in plush headrest
• Waterfall seat
• Ergonomically designed

• No tension adjustment for the back
• The chair does not go low enough

Final Conclusion

No doubt, a reclining office chair is beneficial to your health and posture since it can support your entire body in its curves. With a footrest as a bonus, these chairs also offer the possibility of being in a horizontal position at naptime. Some of the chairs included in this list also come with other features, such as removable pillows which may come in handy for watching a movie, napping, or using the computer. The 10 best reclining office chairs in this list combine ergonomics, comfort, and a high-level of recline, thus creating the best chair that you can get these days.

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